Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bout time...

I don't have to think about final exams!!!!! Yay! I finished my last final exam on Monday, slept basically all day, woke up, ate some food (for the first time in like 26 hours) and went back to bed. lol, it was beautiful.

So, for the record, i successfully wrote an 11 page paper (13 if you include the bibliography) in 26 hours. That is so a new personal best. I love to procrastinate, but this is def tops. Anyway, i have one paper left to write, but it's only 5 pages and there is basically no research involved. it's basically a book review which should prove quite easy (yay for being an x-English major!).

yesterday, i had promised Danielito a full day of play. So when i woke up at like 10 adn went to have breakfast, i was met by a three year old boy. Raquel! Raquel! Raquel! Quieres jugar?? jajaja, i loved it! So we played for a few hours in between Julianna teaching me how to make pollo con pina as it's like my favorite meal here. Unfortunately Danielito got in trouble for hitting Denisse after lunch, so he had time out upstairs. I watched the soccer game while he was upstairs: Uruguay :( What happened?

(P.s. Can't wait for todays game... 20 minutes countdown! Vamos Alemania!!!!!!)

So, plans for after the semester. I just finalized those plans this morning. I will be leaving on Friday night to join a group through GO International. We will be heading to Chincha, Peru where we will be ministering to kids at a school. :) If that doesn't sound like me, i don't know what does... I'm quite excited to be going. I'm so ready to serve instead of being served all of the time! When i return from Chincha on the 17th, i will meet up with another GO contact in Lima and work with her. From what i know, she has a ministry with street children, but i will be helping more with a medical team that comes on the 17th. Meds... never thought i would be helping in that area, but who knows, maybe i'll go into medicine... (just kidding, i don't think i could prescribe medicine when i'm always the one who is like... no, don't take pills! jaja. although i have to admit, pills are better than shots and i've learned that pills don't exist as much here... they give injections for everything here! how strange. I'm just glad i haven't gotten really sick, i'm not sure how well i could argue with a doctor in Spanish.)

I think that's about all for what i've done. After lunch adn the soccer game, i am going to try to crack down on the one paper that is left. I want to finish it today/tomorrow. Time is ticking and i have so much to do in Peru still. I didn't think the semester would ever end and now i'm panicing cause i haven't done half the things i wanted/needed to. I have to somehow fit all of my stuff into one suitcase. hmmm, should prove interesting, so i'm sure i'll post pics later. :)

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