Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 4

Before we leave the lodge, i have to introduce you to Alfredo. No, not the guy i met in Lima... a different Alfredo. I told him about Alfredo the second and he wasn't very thrilled about having a bird named after him. haha. I don't know... Alfredo the second is quite beautiful. And i forgot to tell you that yesterday Harry introduced us to the tapir that come and eat at the lodge every day. We actually got to feed them bananas. Chevere.

We didn't do alot of traveling today. It's Sunday and we have to leave at 2 in order to be in Iquitos for our flight. We did go to the Island of the Monkeys though. It was cool. Nate, you would have loved it! The monkeys basically came and played on you. Like, my arms became tree braches and they would jump off then swing using their tails. It was comic. We all got so dirty, but we got so many laughs from the trip that it was totally worth it.

We left for Iquitos around 2. It really wasn't enough time in the selva, i could have spent weeks here. It's so peaceful and beautiful. I want a week to just chill in a hammock with a book... then a week to get to know the people and a month to visit all of the exciting places. Then i can start over with the book and go through the steps for a year or so...
We wandered around Iquitos for a while. Patricia, Hannah and i decided to try to get lost by just walking down random streets... well, actually, we were following one street, then we were going to go a block to the left and come back to the same place. It was a great plan and worked well, until some guys started following us and we had to do some fast turning to lose them. haha. Yeah, that was fun. We just got a little turned around and ended up walking down this really really sketchy street in order to get back to where we needed. I thought i was going to die. All in all though, Iquitos is a beautiful city (like any city, it has it's not so nice areas, but what can we expect). We went to the airport and discovered that our flight out was delayed almost five hours. So we went and chilled in teh lobby of a 5 star hotel. haha. I basically slept on the couch for three hours, then woke up for 10 minutes and slept again. We obviously couldn't wander around Iquitos at night, so there wasn't really anything to do. After more waiting in the airport, we finally flew out sometime after 11. Late arrival to Lima, but made it safely home. An incredible journey... don't think i could forget it if i wanted to. :) Thanks for the birthday gift Dad and Mom! It was well worth it!

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  1. Hey Rachel, love reading your blog posts! Your pictures and description of the Amazon make me want to visit there someday:-) So glad you are having such an awesome experience so far! Keep the posts coming!