Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sometimes things just dont work as planned

yeah, all the excitement about having the internet was spoken a bit too soon.... Unfortunately the internet has been down for the past week so i havent really been able to check anything. I have pestered my brother often enough, but even his computer has been acting oddly. Anyway, im alive and well. The week has been busy with ISA activities. Alot of hanging out with Peruvian students and learning the ropes of the program.

So, i think im going to have an apology in every post basically, but you are all going to have to chill for a few days knowing that im ok. I leave at three thirty am tomorrow for the amazon which means i have to wake up in less than three hours. i am therefore, not going to take the time to write much. Then there will be an extra extra long post to cover this week and the amazon trip.

p.s. Ernie just fixed the internet, so i will have access henceforth. Except for the next four days of course.

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  1. parece chulĂ­simo! Que te diviertas en la selva :p