Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After meeting up with Austin in Florida, we all boarded our final flight to Lima. Six hours in the air before passing through customs in Lima. Talk about nerve wracking! Luckily, i made it through perfectly and recieved 150 days on my tourist visa. Rita wasnt so lucky and unfortunately only has 90 days, after which she has to pay a dollar per day (or change to a student visa).

Senorita Marlene met us at the airport and we took a taxi to her house. Guatemala driving prepared me for Lima definitely! After Litos driving, i can survive anything. :) The city... basically, is huge. currently, im staying in Pueblo Libre with Senorita Marlene, but next week, i will move in with my family in San Miquel. (where i will have wireless internet for all of you worrying that i will never be able to call home). At first, the country girl in me won out and i didnt really like the huge city, but its growing on me. Quickly! Rita and i spent the day yesterday walking everywhere. We found La Catolica and visited a few important places. Library included. Ill describe the university and city more later when i am on my own time. Right now, i need to wrap up as im on the computer in the ISA office in the U.

Update on me.... im great really. my hair is ridiculously curly and im cherry red because of sunburn. haha, bad planning on my part. Its great though! Theres no time to waste, so were off on another outing. We now have a tour guide from ISA who is going to show us more of Lima as soon as we eat lunch.

Adventure is just beginning! So ill write more as soon as i can... and fill in the details about the school.


  1. Don't know why this blog is being difficult. I posted and now it said it removed. Let's try this again. Sounds like you are having a great start on your adventure. You know I am jealous, Sunday I saw you had a high of 84 degrees. Although, rumor has it we are going to hit the 50s this weekend. Woohooo... a heatwave. I am glad to hear you are going to have Internet. I set up a Skype account portia_diaz. Take lots of pics, hope the camera fix works. Looking forward to hearing about your escapades through Peru.

  2. Che, yo te aviso que es mejor que anden a cualquier lugar :) El tampón (tráfico) es una boludez!!! Podés pasar 2 hora en carro sin pasar ni una milla.

    Tmb, tenés que visitar el Catedral de San Francisco...tiene huesos de mas que 20.000 cuerpos creo. Queda cerca al centro :)