Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 2: Ruins of Ollantaytambo

Woke up to this:

I could live here for a while. :)
We spent the better part of the morning in the town of Ollantaytambo, walking the streets, learning about the culture. People here use cacti for security. Everyone has cacti growing around their land instead of fences. It's really cool, especially because the cacti look like the tops of pineapple. :) Everywhere i look, it's like there are pineapple tops growing. too bad it wasn't true, cause i could have human sized pineapples if i could pull some of those cacti from the ground. In Ollantaytambo, everyone speaks Quechua. Although everyone knows Spanish as well, it was interesting to see street names and everything in Quechua first. Although i have to admit, it looks awesome! I've heard it's hard to learn though...

We walked to the ruins of Ollantaytambo, it wasn't far. Although the ruins aren't as well known as M.P. (what ruins are in Peru?) they were still pretty awesome. It was basically just terraces, but the view from the top was totally worth all the effort. I can't even tell you how hard it was to climb.... , it should have been easy. There were stairs... jaja.

After the ruins, we had free time to eat and then met back at the hotel. I went to the markets and bought a hoodie made from alpaca. It's brown, surprise! It's really cool though, and really warm. For lunch, choclo con queso! It's corn, more or less, but not as sweet and the kernels are enormous. Eaten with cheese, it's not bad. And the best part is that it only cost 1 sol 50. which, in your terms... is about 60 cents.

We went to the train station after lunch. Our train was to leave at three... we waited at the train station until almost 7:30. Peruvian time... have to love it! So, after a two hour train ride, we arrived in Aguas Calientes in time to check in at hotels and roam around trying to find a restaurant to eat dinner. Everything was ridiculously expensive! I ended up getting pancakes with pineapple (Yay pancakes!) I was so excited! But it cost me four dollars. lol. Cheap compared to actual meals...

Another freakin orange room! what is up with this???

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