Tuesday, April 6, 2010


so, i just re-read the last post about school and realized just how depressing it sounds... and i can't leave you all feeling depressed when i got over that about two seconds after i wrote it. It really isn't all that bad. I do, however, have my first control/exam on Thursday for my history of Peru class. Therefore, i don' thave time to write much, as i'm currently working on reading the 120 + pages of reading that i didn't do while in Cusco this weekend.

On an up-note though, the reading is all in Spanish, so if there was any doubt of my actually practicing Spanish... no worries. Reading scholarly articles in Spanish isn't exactly the easiest 'studying' i've ever done in my life. :) Yay for Spanish! I do believe my English skills are continuously worsening, so please forgive my lack of grammatical correctness. :)

I did have a wonderful time in Cusco which i will tell you all about in a few days... aka after my control.

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