Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Classes are looking slightly better. Discovered that i need to put alot more work into understanding the readings. But basically, if i memorize everything, i do well. :) jaja. That means i need to manage my time better, we'll see how it goes.

I have officially decided that my brother Daniel... is Nathan. Only 29 instead of 17. So, if you all want to meet Nathan in 12 years, come to Peru and i'll introduce you. We all went out to eat Chifa (chinese) food one night and everything he did, from answering his phone, but not listening... to stealing food when no one was looking... to switching drinks with me because mine was full and his empty... to looking innocent when caught. It was hilarious! Unfortunately, this brother of mine has left Lima to chase him dream. He left this past week to play futbol professionally. Since his team is based in a city about 10 hours (by bus) to the north of Lima, he has moved there for the time being. he'll visit in May and periodically pass through Lima for games. Hopefully, when he's in town, i'll be able to go see a game. How totally sweet that would be!!! (p.s. check out the food! and that was only half of what we ordered! In all seriousness, chinese food in the states is nothing compared to this stuff!)

The only other really interesting thing that has happened to me, other than basic day-to-day confusion happened at the ISA welcome dinner. We had a cena de bienvenidas for the two new ISA students (their semester started even later than mine). We went to a sweet restaurant called Junius where there was a buffet. Can't lie, the dessert buffet was incredible, the food, wasn't as good. Anyway, there were dance performances during dinner. Traditional and others... some were sweet! There were these guys who danced with scissors. It was called "Scissor dance"; i know- innovative. jaja. But it was awesome, i think i have a video... i'll put it up. I took quite a few videos of stuff, sorry the quality isn't wonderful, but i'll put them up.

The fun part of the night came when one of the dancers came over to our table. I wasn't even really paying attention, until he stepped right beside my chair adn held out his hand. When i turned to look at him, he started to pull out my chair. He had my hand, so I didn't have much of a choice but to go with him onto the stage. (me, not knowing anything about dancing, I was the one chosen to dance) hahaha! It was a treat let me tell you! He was incredibly nice, and ridiculously good-looking but that couldn't hide the fact that i don't know the difference between my left foot and my right when i'm dancing. After about three minutes, he let me sit down again when everyone told me that I had done a really good job! And if i didn't know anything, they were sure surprised cause he sure made me look good. He's the trained professional, so it was more than likely his doing, but i like to think i've got some raw talent. lol. Ok, maybe not! Either way, it was sort of fun! :)


  1. Loveeee it! There is hope that there will be dancing at your wedding;)

  2. I've a feeling there will be dancing. I've always wanted dancing at my wedding...