Friday, June 4, 2010


Dance off... chevere! So every Thursday, classes are suspended from noon until 3. (Luis finally provided the answer to the mystery of why there are always a million people meandering on Thursday afternoons) During those hours there are always activities going on and things to do. Well, yesterday, there was a dance off... It was sweet! Of course, it happened to be a ridiculously hot day with the sun beating down... poor dancers. Would have been easier to dance for two hours strait if it had been colder. Anyway, i met Sara there early and we actually got seats on the bleachers. :) Unfortunately, the pairs that we liked best were eliminated after three or four rounds. Although we had to admit that the pair that won, was pretty darn incredible. they deserved their award. Even though fairly close, the songs were all soo upbeat that it was hard to snap good pictures. (not to mention that i forgot to charge my camera as i haven't used it in a while and only had a quarter of a battery). I also took a few videos, but the quality is b.a.d. Either my camera has been dropping one too many times or something got messed up... it kept upsetting.

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