Friday, June 4, 2010

new foods...!!!

So, I went out with a friend and tried some new stuff. jeje :) This one, i'm really proud of, although it wasn't my favorite. I definitely couldn't eat very much. I tried to find a picture of it online, but failed... and i can't remember exactly what it's called in Spanish. But, since only a few of you would understand that anyway, i'll just describe it in English.... basically we were walking around the streets of Barranco and there is this place where they sell anticucho. Yay! I love that, so we were going to eat... and Luis asked me if i had tried this other thing. No... but i'll try it now. BAD DECISION... this "other thing" happened to be random pieces of cow that no one else eats. lol. No, the stomach, intestines, and liver were basically cooked on a grill, piled high on a plate, and served with choclo and potato. Bon apetit... :) Liver... i liked. intestine was a little chewy, but not bad (although i did have trouble with the whole circular shape of it... strange!), stomach. eww. Weirdest texture of anything i've ever eaten.


  1. This is not sounding good! Okay who is Luis? You have way too many guys in this place! How many days till you are coming home? Not soon enough for your mother. Talk to you soon. Love Mom

  2. Luis Rosas... is awesome. :) He's a friend from la cato. I've done a few things with him, he reminds me of Nate, always looking for a good time. When i'm with him it's like non-stop laughter. :) Uh, i don't know. But the crunch is hitting for school, so it must be coming up sometime.