Saturday, June 12, 2010

So, on Tuesday I received an email from Daniel asking me what i thought of traveling this week. Eh... no se. But seriously, I have so much work to do that anything sounded better than schoolwork. Besides, I really wanted to be spontaneous for once in my life and just , well, leave. So, Wednesday night, Daniel and i hopped on a bus for Huancayo. If you think the name sounds familiar, I think you're awesome; cause that means you've been reading. :) I have been to Huancayo before with ISA. This time, however, was sooooo much better! Ok... starting at the beginning.
Daniel and i had absolutely no idea where we were going until about 4:30 PM on Wednesday. (keep in mind we're leaving Wednesday night and planning on an overnight bus trip). We bought tickets to Huancayo around 7 with the bus leaving at 10:30. Not bad at all... we got to the bus station early and just chilled, waiting for departure. I think i lasted about a half hour on the bus before i was sleeping. Can't say that i slept well, but i slept.

We arrived in Huancayo at 5:45 am. Wandering around the city in the freezing cold when nothing is open yet isn't exactly what i was expecting, but it was pretty sweet! We stopped in at some hostels, trying to find a cheap place to stay for the one night that we will be here. At one hostel, we asked for information on some tours. We/I really wanted to go to Huaytapallana. Well, basically, Daniel got sick. combination of the altitude and the fact that he was in the hospital not long ago, so we ended up getting a room in a hostel owned by the cousin of the tour guy. long story... Anyway, we both slept for a few hours after all of the rush this morning. Daniel woke up feeling much better, so we decided to find something to do. We roamed around the city(and found the Abraham Lincoln school lol), bought some bread for lunch, then decided to do something exciting. We were recommended to go to La Laguna de Paca, so we went. Why not?

To get there we took a combi to Chupaca, then a taxi to la laguna. The taxi driver was awesome. His name was brian and he offered to come back to get us later if we wanted. I took his cell number and Daniel and i set off across the field to see la laguna. eh... not impressed. Not quite the excitement we were looking for, we decided to make our own. We were in a valley and looking to the left decided it would be pretty sweet to climb the hill and look down on the laguna. So we did. It was all super except that our hill ended up going on forever. (about dead center in this picture is where we wanted to get to the top...)
Here are a few pics from the climb... i took a million. it was all beautiful! I'll try to post them all on facebook.

It took us a good two/three hours to get to what we thought was the top. lol. we were wrong. As we came to the crest, we realized that we had alot to go. We both wanted to get to the top, so we kept going. We reached the top... again. Only to find... again, that we were still quite far from our goal. Unfortunately, we couldn't go on. We had to get back down... but not before we were captivated by the sunset. Now, if you know me, you know i love sunsets just as much as the sunrise. Well, i happened to be with a boy who likes the sunset just as much as me, so we therefore stopped to take pictures. Now those of you who have more experience in climbing mountains than i do, would realize right away that stopping on top of a mountain to watch the sunset is a bad plan because after the sun sets... you have no light in order to get off the mountain.

Yeah, so, we started back down. Quickly. well, as quickly as you can go when you're climbing among rocks and it's continously getting darker and darker and you're sliding as much as you're walking. We finally did make if down, but it was quite the adventure let me tell you! Being in the middle of nowhere, there were like, zero lights anywhere. It was some serious dark!!!

Luckily, we had Brian's number cause there was no one left at la laguna. We would have been stuck for a while. After getting back to Huancayo, we searched around for ice cream... but got distracted by the picarrones. Then back to the hostel for a semi-early night before Huaytapallana tomorrow!!!

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