Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earthcakes and chocolate quake.

:) A day apart, but still. Does life get better? On Sunday, we had a 'tremor' in Lima. It only lasted fifteen seconds or so, but it was totally chevere! I was unfortunately in the least exciting place ever... my desk. Very upsetting, but it was much better than sleeping through it like the last two tremors.

Then on Monday, i went to a friends house (Sara, she's awesome!) for chocolate cake. Celebrating birthdays is so much fun, especially when it isn't really anyone's birthday. lol. First time i've actually had an "american" style dessert since i've been here. Cake here is just different... good, but different. (ok, i did attempt sugar cookies...)

Then had a fun adventure on the way home. haha... not sure where my mind was exactly, but i paniced on the combi and thought i had passed my 'paradero' (stop). That basically means that i'm in Callao, another district of Peru that is much more dangerous than San Miguel. (Callao is only about a block past my house...) So, i frantically, baja-ed as soon as I could.... only to find that i was still seven blocks from my house. lol. Being cheap, i weighed my chances and decided to freak myself out and watch for robbers for seven blocks at 9:30 PM instead of paying the 50 centimos to get on another combi. lol. I survived though. ;) Than stayed up till 3:30 reading for my control the next day...


  1. Child, what am i going to do with you! Please be careful and take no chances. Love you and miss you mom

  2. ah, but mutti... chances make life fun. :)

    and I'm always careful... more or less.