Friday, May 21, 2010

from visits to chillin to scrapes and bruises

With the end of Lunahuana, traveling with ISA is finished. I'm definitely not through with traveling... i still want to see alot of places, but i'm fine with not traveling for a few weeks. I really just don't want to pack/unpack again, i've done that soo many times in the past few months.

Alright, so... blog posts will either become exciting as i write more about daily life... or more boring. I guess you all can choose. I'm going to try to catch up to my present state of near-death sickness, but we'll start back a few weeks... with the visit from the boy.

So, as many/some of you know, Harry came to visit Lima. aka, to see me. Since he came, i wasn't going to tell him i wouldn't see him, so we spent at least a few hours together basically every day for a week. If nothing else came of it, i practiced my Spanish alot! He's a gentleman, no doubt about it. His mother did a wonderful job at raising him (she also, seems really really nice! I talked to her on the phone for a while one night. She told me that she had been waiting to talk to me since harry told her about me. It sort of cracked me up, but she asked me what i had done that changed her son? I didn't do anything... but she assured me that he son did not always smile all the time and definitely did not walk around the house singing before he met me. lol) Anyway, he made his feelings clear, but then said he would respect whatever decision i make...implying that he would wait however long it takes for me to know what i want. jaja, as if i have any idea.

After the boy, we had midterms week... yuck! The only good thing was that we had no classes... so life was looking up. Since i am only taking three courses, I didn't have that much work to do... and my history of peru class didn't have a midterm. :) So basically, i had an entire week to study/do whatever i wanted. So i studied some, went to a bbq with a Peruvian friend Luis... met a really cool guy from Germany who lives less than 10 km from Kandern (where i was last winter), hung out with Rita (whom i haven't seen in ages!), went shopping, talked with family from home, watched a movie (ahh exciting!), wasted time, listened to muic, slept.... the list goes on. It was a chill week more or less... and definitely needed!
(here i have to insert our family trip to El Bosque, but since i have lots of pics and stuff, i'll do that in a different post.)
Now that i had two wonderful weeks, i guess balance was working against my favor cause the next two weeks were not so fun. Run-ins with guys have to be my least favorite part of Peru...and this one was the worst by far. See, i meet these wonderful guys in Lima (like Luis) who i can joke with and have a good time with. Then there are those other guys... so, Tuesdays i have history of Peru with Becca, the other girl who lives with the Maldonado family. After class we typically just go home, but today, she asked if i minded chilling for a while. She had a friend that wanted to meet up with her after class and she asked if i would come along. Sure, i'll come meet Alfonso. :) No prob. Alfonso, although a little sketchy, was quite nice compared to his friend... whose name i can't remember. Richy maybe... oh well, we'll call him that anyway. So, Alfonso has a car, a very nice car in fact... and we were chilling listening to a CD that he bought and talking. So far, so good... then Richy shows up. And we went for a drive.... Let's just say that in the backseat of a car, there isn't very far you can go to get away from someone. Thank goodness we don't live very far away, cause the looks i was getting were not "i want to be your friend" sort of looks and he already had his arm around my shoulders.
To top that... the past four days, i've been dying. Literally. Starting Tuesday night with a slight headache, i've been exponentially getting worse. Everyone blames it on the climate change which could very well be, but I don't get sick like this very often. My head felt like it would explode for two days straight, my throat swelled up, i couldn't breathe, my ears were killing me. I was basically a mess. The girl who hates pills made it a total of four hours... at 2 am wednesday morning, i couldn't take it any longer. I feel like a druggie cause i've taken been taking pills to keep me sane. And, to make it worse, I can't sleep. I fall asleep for an hour or an hour and a half max, and i wake up. I much prefer my ability to sleep through anything! I am, finally, on the mend today. I woke up and feel so much better. Now, it's like a normal cold/cough, nothing i can't handle. Well, that and i don't have much of a voice. But it's coming back... and today is Friday so i don't have classes. yay! I slept until 10:30 today... the latest i've slept since coming to Lima in February!

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