Saturday, May 15, 2010

new clothes!!!

I am so bringing the Ashaninka look to the states! jaja!

I really think it will be a big hit! Maria, i know you are quite jealous... don't worry. I bought you an outfit so that we can match later. ;) I know you are going to wear it like every day.

If you haven't figured it out, we visited a native village and they gave us clothes so that we could participate in the native dances... lol. I was impressed by the beading, but can't say the dress does much for me... it's sort of shapeless and not the prettiest color. The guy who welcomed us though, he spoke first in the native language and i have to admit, it was awesome! It sounds so cool!

Now, i know you are all waiting, so here he is! The child of the trip. I've discovered that if i were ever to commit a crime, i think it would be kidnapping. I just want to keep them all!

After the native village, we did some more driving. Seems like i'm always in a bus... and today especially! By the end of the day, i had spent more than eight hours in a bus. Talk about tiring! But as the sun was setting, it was beautiful!

We went to a butterfly sanctuary, but unfortunately, we arrived later than originally planned and the butterflies were already 'sleeping' for the night. We only got to see three or four and they weren't very brightly colored. It was disappointing.

The exciting part of the butterfly sanctuary was the animals. Ok, so i have no idea what these things are called exactly (i was asking Maria Elena a question and missed the guides speech...) I do, however, know exactly what they are! ROUSes!!!!! Rodents of unusual size from The Princess Bride! Check these things out! It's hard to get a size guestimate here, but think racoon-like... a big racoon!

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