Friday, May 7, 2010


This adventure started off with a thirteen hours in a train. How totally awesome is that? My "plan" was to work on homework for the majority of the ride... and look out the window of course, but i quickly decided that I didn't really want to do that. I tried though, honest. I went back to the bar where it's in the open air and you are allowed to stand up and move around. I brought my homework, but ended up meeting a guy. :) Story of my life here...

Anyway, his name is Miguel and he was really nice, overly nice maybe, he's definitely a charmer. But, we talked for like three hours (he speaks fluent English, so we had the sweet sort of Spanglish going on) and just watched that landscape change. Beautiful! After lunch and an accidental hour nap, i met up with him again at the bar. He'd been offering to buy me a drink all morning, and i finally gave in. After two months of living in a country where everyone drinks about every weekend, i gave in to my first Bailey. He was actually quite sweet about it and bought me "a lady's drink". He worked as a bar tender for a few years before he was promoted and he promised me i wouldn't get drunk. haha. I was really surprised, but it was quite good. I guess the creme part of it covered up the nasty alcohol flavor enough that i wasn't grossed out. We hit the highest point in the trip. If i'm not mistaken, this was like the second highest railway summit in the world. It was cold!!! And snowing! Not hard enough that there was snow on the ground, but it was in the air... little tiny, almost invisible flakes. But it was there at 15, 681 ft. :)

That evening, they had a "fiesta" in the bar. Music and dancing to break up the monotony of the ride... It was alot of fun! I think we were all so tired of not doing anything, that we were all a bit loco.

We finally, finally arrived in Huancayo around six thirty or so. We met up with our guide outside and boarded the bus that took us to our hotel. Later, about ten of us met in the lobby to go out to eat. Chifa! It was so good, as usual. There was talk of going to a discoteca tonight, but we all dropped that idea in favor of going to the hotel and watching TV. haha, it's sad that we're on vacation and are all excited about watching tv, but honestly, none of us have watched tv in like months.

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