Tuesday, May 25, 2010

El Bosque

So, last Sunday before i was dying, my family took Becca and I to El Bosque. It's a private club... beautiful! And warm! :) There was sunshine! Anyway, there was a pool, a lake... you know, club stuff. So we had a blast just hanging out and all... my favorite part had to be Danielito. :) My 'nephew' is basically the most adorable thing that speaks Spanish. He's been coming with his parents to our house almost every day and he loves to visit my room. I wish i had toys or books or anything, but he seems to find things that amuse him. He loves my alarm clock (that for some reason, not sure if it's merely the battery or the fact that whatever black stuff is used to make the numbers started spreading all over the little screen, but it doesn't work anymore) anyway... he uses it as a cell phone. I think he gets the greatest pleasure from hanging up on people though. jaja. He's three though, so i've been loving the playtime!

Also was able to see my brothers play soccer for the first time. I was pretty excited to see Daniel play since that is his job. Granted, he was playing against normal people so he wasn't going all out, and his team won every time anyway... but it was still sweet! Very very nice footwork! Reminded me of Nate's team though, a little bit unbalanced. My brothers were on the same team, but Danny had half the goals and Ernie had half the goals... I'm not sure where the other people were. I think i remember there being other people on the team... maybe i dreamed them. Not sure. :)

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