Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayer Please!

Many of you know that i have come to Peru with a few friends from GCC. Well, if you don't know Daniel, guarenteed, you've heard me talk about him and his brother Austin. Anyway, I found out today that Daniel went to the hospital here in Lima this past week and stayed for a few days. He, obviously, was really sick. A few doctors wanted to operate and he even made it into the OR before the surgeon told him that he didn't need the operation. Daniel was in class this morning, and is feeling a bit better, but is still sick and has little strength since he didn't eat for a week. Please, please keep him in your prayers! It's tough enough just being sick in a different country, but being really sick....just pray that he continues to heal quickly and that he has the strength to continue with his studies and daily life here in Lima. Thanks all!

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