Saturday, May 15, 2010

final day in Huancayo

We made two really quick stops before lunch, I'm summing them up in one word each: 1. weaving and 2. bees. :) ok. can't do one word each. Teh weaving was really cool! obviously... although it wasn't quite as fascinating as the time in Cusco. Here, it seemed like it was more of an obligation to get you to buy from them. In Cusco, they were actually interested in teaching. The bees, were cool. But bees in Peru are basically the same as the bees in the states. We did get to try free honey though and that was quite tasty. :)

Lunch. lol... here's my lunch. :) I really wanted to eat the eyeball just to say i did it, but i chickened out. Sorry Randi! i might have just failed at eating everything you would... haha.

Last stop of the day was a lagoon! I love boats... I have discovered that here. Just a random factoid about myself. We were only here for a half hour because we were running late again. It seems like we're always late, but really it's the Peruvian lifestyle. That's just how it works. We left Junin early afternoon so that we would arrive back to Lima before 1 am. We ended up getting back around 11:20 or so. And! I finally got to meet my Peruvian mom! She came back from Spain on Friday after Becca and I had left. So, mis padres y mi hermano Ernie came to pick us up and we went out to eat. :) Yep... 11:45. lol.

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