Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The city of Cusco. :) Random pics...again. We spent our last day in the city... being Easter Sunday, I chilled in my room for a while. During the afternoon, Rita and i decided to go wandering. Everyone had disappeared to who knows where (we apparently missed the memo). oh well, we had a grand time roaming the city. The only problem was that it was hard to navigate. We didn't really want to get lost, so we tried to stick to the larger streets and walk for a while and just turn around. Well, you know how that works, you see something down this street and you go to see what it is and yeah: lost. We did make it back to our hotel though and we went with Andy (one of the ISA peoples) on a city tour. He has lived in Cusco so he knows alot of the history of the city which was really interesting!

Dinner, I went out with about seven friends and we tried cuy. :) It actually wasn't terrible. Definitely not my favorite food ever, but it wasn't bad. I can't really say it tasted like greasy chicken like everyone says. It was greasy without a doubt, but i couldn't really say it tasted like chicken. It was pretty sweet to see that thing on a plate though. Like, they give you the whole thing. Guinea pig on a plate... with french fries. :) lol.
Just for an interesting fact. Alpaca... is really good. I tried that in Aguas Calientes. That i could eat alot of. But my favorite meat by far has been Anticucho. Never in my life thought i would say this, but a month having passed since i tried it for the first time, i can say that i've had it three or four more times. Me, being cheap, decided to eat on the streets on day (spent less than 2 dollars and was so full i couldn't move). So i bought anticucho and tried it. Yum, yum, yum. Maybe it's just the way they cook it here, but cow heart never sounded very appealing in the states. Or maybe it's just the fun name: anticucho.

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  1. Eating cow heart? Your braver than I. What pictures Awesome buildings. ENJOY